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Help - Full Record

Help contents

The Full Record page displays the full bibliographic details of a document. Full records can be accessed either from the Search Results page.

What information does the Full Record contain?

Where available, records contain the following information:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Published in
  • Place of Publication
  • Microfiche Number

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What can I do on a Full Record page?

Add the item to Marked List

Click the Add to Marked List checkbox to save the document to your Marked List for the current session.

Previous/Next result

These links take you to the previous or next record in your Search Results without needing to return to the Search Results page.

Marked List

This link takes you to the Marked List page, where you can view any records you have selected in the current session.

Back to results

This link returns you to the Search Results page.

New Search

Use the New Search link to open a fresh search page and carry out a new search. Search terms from your current search will not be retained.

Print view

Open a version of the Full Record with all graphical elements and navigation stripped out ready for printing.

Download Citation

Download the citation in your chosen format or export it to your chosen citation manager.

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