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Help - Search

Help contents

How does Search work?

The Search page allows you to search more precisely within Black Literature Index content. You can search using the following fields:

  • Keyword
  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Publication year
  • Place of publication
  • Microfiche number

The default sort order of the results is relevance, but on the Search page it is possible to select the order in which you would like your results to be displayed: Chronologically, by Author, or by Relevance.

Simply type in your search terms and click on the Search button. The Search Results page will display all records that correspond to your search terms.

How do I use select from a list?

You can use the select from a list feature to browse all of the terms which belong to a specific search field. For example, to browse a list of publications, click on the select from a list link next the Publication field. You will then be taken to the Publication List from which you can make a selection using the checkboxes, which will then be transferred back to the Search page. This can be helpful if you know the name of the publication, but are not sure of the spelling, for instance.

How can I get a more precise search result?

Search allows you to restrict or expand your search using the wildcards @, #, * and ?. Please see the Search Tips page for more information on complex searching.

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